Walk 4

Saturday 15th September


Bridge of Cally to Blairgowrie (Cateran Trail)


Distance: 12km/7 miles. Ascent 250m.

Start: Mini-bus leaves Blairgowrie Wellmeadow 11:00.

Finish: In Blairgowrie app 16:30.

Spaces: Maximum 12, minimum 7.

Notes: Moderate. Hillwalking gear essential. Packed lunch and snacks required.

Maps: Landranger 53, Explorer 381.


About the walk:


This is the first time we have offered this part of the Cateran Trail on its own.  We leave Bridge of Cally and ascend up on to Cochrage Muir.  Initially following the line of one of Major Caulfield's military roads.  Major Caulfield was responsible for many of the eastern military roads while his more famous predecessor General Wade mainly built the central ones.  We follow a later route (or perhaps one preferred by the Caterans away from spying eyes) across the muir proper.  The high of point of Serjeant's Hill is reached and we drop down towards the Lornty Burn catchment at Middleton and Gormack farms.  Ascending the 'Knockie', or more properly Cnoc ma Har lying immediately to the north of Blairgowrie itself, we follow the marked trail towards the River Ericht at Lornty Bridge and then alongside the river to Blairgowrie Brig.



Looking north back towards Bridge of Cally Looking south from Serjeant's Hill towards 'The Knockie'.
Glasclune Castle Looking east towards Cat Law from the high point on the Muir.